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The Writers in Schools Course with Writing on the Wall

This Thursday is the first day of the six-week writers in schools course that I've designed with Writing on the Wall. Yesterday, Alice Bunker-Whitney, who is heading up and delivering the course online, came to pick up up copies of a book (one I co-wrote with Jean Sprackland, 'Our thoughts are bees: writers working with schools').

Eleven writers have signed up for the course, and I hope they have a brilliant time looking at poems and prose, designing writing activities - as well as mulling on what elements of their craft they'll most enjoy sharing. Sharing online will be good, every one of us is learning how to keep our work and arts alive and thriving online. But for a moment, seeing Alice in person (at a safe distance) was a treat. The sun was shining.... I opened the door.... there she was, surrounded by flowers. I wish Alice, WOW and the writers tons of luck. Can't wait to hear how they get on!

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